The Ascendant, the Hocus

Average height, very fit, dressed in clean, white, tattered linen robes. He is hairless, no eyebrows, face and body are very dirty though his clothes are clean. His chest is badly scarred by fire.

  • Cool: 0
  • Hard: +1
  • Sharp: +1
  • Hot: -1
  • Weird: +3
  • The Loved: (Fortune+1; Surplus: 1-barter, Violence; Want: Desertion, Savagery).
  • Fortunes: Fortune, surplus and want all depend on your followers. At the beginning of the session, roll+fortune. On a 10+, your followers have surplus (Violence). On a 7–9, they have surplus, but choose 1 want (Savagery). On a miss, they are in want. If their surplus lists barter, like 1-barter or 2-barter, that’s your personal share.
  • Frenzy: When you speak the truth to a mob, roll+weird. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7–9, hold 1. Spend your hold 1 for 1 to make the mob:

• bring people forward and deliver them.
• bring forward all their precious things.
• unite and fight for you as a gang (2-harm 0-armor size appropriate).
• fall into an orgy of uninhibited emotion: fucking, lamenting, fighting, sharing, celebrating, as you choose.
• go quietly back to their lives.

On a miss, the mob turns on you.

  • Charismatic: When you try to manipulate someone, roll+weird instead of roll+hot.
  • Fucking wacknut: You get +1weird (weird +3).
  • Healing Touch (Angel): When you put your hands skin-to-skin on a wounded person and open your brain to them, roll+weird. On a 10+, heal 1 segment. On a 7-9, heal 1 segment, but you’re acting under fire from your patient’s brain. On a miss: first, you don’t heal them. Second, you’ve opened both your brain and theirs to the world’s psychic maelstrom, without protection or preparation. For you, and for your patient if your patient’s a fellow player’s character, treat it as though you’ve made that move and missed the roll. For patients belonging to the MC, their experience and fate are up to the MC.
Followers Peripheral Moves:
  • Augury:

When you use your followers for augury, roll+weird. On a hit, you can choose 1:

• Reach through the world’s psychic maelstrom to something or someone connected to it.
• Isolate and protect a person or thing from the world’s psychic maelstrom.
• Isolate and contain a fragment of the world’s psychic maelstrom itself.
• Insert information into the world’s psychic maelstrom.
• Open a window into the world’s psychic maelstrom.

By default, the effect will last only as long as you maintain it, will reach only shallowly into the world’s psychic maelstrom as it is local to you, and will bleed instability. On a 10+, choose 2; on a 7–9, choose 1:

• It’ll persist (for a while) without your actively maintaining it.
• It reaches deep into the world’s psychic maelstrom.
• It reaches broadly throughout the world’s psychic maelstrom.
• It’s stable and contained, no bleeding.

On a miss, whatever bad happens, your antenna takes the brunt of it.

  • Insight:
    When you use your followers for insight, ask your followers what they think your best course is, and the MC will tell you. If you pursue that course, take +1 to any rolls you make in the pursuit. If you pursue that course but don’t accomplish your ends, you mark experience.

Updated as of 6/6/2014


The Ascendant, the Hocus

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