The Loved

The Loved are a cult led by The Ascendant. Its members tend to be feral-looking, though some say that hunted or haunted are better words. Their clothes and gear are tattered and worn down in general.

They’re a rigorously argumentative group, given to shouting over each other to get their voices heard – but despite the noise (and more than a few fistfights), in the end, they’;re surprisingly good at hashing out the best path to take.

Unfortunately, when they’re having good times … the whole “law and society” thing falls by the wayside as they celebrate with near-ritualistic vilolence. And then they’re having bad times, it tends to get worse.

Recently, Clarion was named Most Loved by the Ascendant, after he came through a celebration emotionally purged. He claimed to feel clearer, lighter, better; after getting the rage out of himself. This was accompanied by a physical purge in fire, after which he was sent to find ten new converts for the Loved.

The Loved

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