It used to be better, of course it did. In the golden age of legend, when there was enough to eat and enough hope, when there was one nation under god and people could lift their eyes and see beyond the horizon, beyond the day. Children were born happy and grew up rich. People could fly, if you believe that.

Now that’s not what we’ve got. Now we’ve got this. A half-ruined airport surrounded by barbed wire, low-lying swamps, and the miserable, humid labor of the orange groves that keep us alive. The Ascendant leads his savage, screaming Cult of the Loved, but will they become redeemers or ravagers? Absinthe and Jonker defend the streets with chains, blades and guns, drawing the line between worker, worshiper and wandering threats. Dylan runs a constant battle against rust and ruin and robbery; and Joseph – Joseph calls to the Psychic Maelstrom like dead flesh calls to a demon crow.

This is what we’ve got, yes. What are you going to make of it?

Apocalypse World: The Watch

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