• Absinthe, the Battlebabe

    Absinthe, the Battlebabe

    A slender androgyne, in a green leather outfit with chainmail running through it. Deep dark green eyes, with Asian features. Slight and small, but the eyes are what pop.
  • Dylan, the Savvyhead

    Dylan, the Savvyhead

    Slightly smaller than average. At a distance, wouldn't make much of him, but take off the grease and he'd be considered a catch.
  • Jonker, the Gunlugger

    Jonker, the Gunlugger

    Fireplug-type body, very masculine, in multicolored patchwork kevlar and mismatched sets. Weathered features and clothes, and an air of confidence. There's intelligence in his eyes.
  • Joseph the Brainer

    Joseph the Brainer

    No one was more surprised than me
  • The Ascendant, the Hocus

    The Ascendant, the Hocus

    Average height, very fit, dressed in clean, white, tattered linen robes. He is hairless, no eyebrows, face and body are very dirty though his clothes are clean. His chest is badly scarred by fire.