The Watch

The Watch is ground zero. It’s a former small airfield, and while all the functioning planes flew off to die in the first few months of the apocalypse, and the main fuel storage area got ripped apart in a fire a dozen or so years ago; there’s still a good-sized junkyard that Dylan makes use of.

There’s two sources of entertainment, really: You can attend the sermons of The Ascendant, or you can visit the Cantina.


Fresh foods / Luxury goods (oranges), meat (deer and gator), raw materials (junkyard), labor.


Fuel, medical supplies, connections

What do we eat?

Cultivated Plants: Beans, gourds, oranges
Wild Plants: Spatterdock, poke weed, saw palmetto, water lily
Game Animals: Deer, raccoon, squirrel, muskrat, opossum
Reptiles: Alligator, frog, turtle
Birds: Heron, turkey

The Watch

Apocalypse World: The Watch IvanEwert